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just when i thought things were getting better...

firsttimemommy started this conversation

Hello everyone,

 Well its been a little since i have been on the site and was actually able to sit down quick and type up something because my daughter has been keeping me busy non-stop. I got into a little apartment that is in subsidized housing, and have been on any kind of assistance i can get. Well my boyfriend decided to move in with us and we were living at the apartment for 6 months and my landlord didnt put him on the lease, just to cut us a break because she knew that we just had a baby, well the time came to when she had to put him on the lease and he was receiving unemployment at the time, and DIDN'T tell me how much he was even bringing in, i knew nothing about his financial status, but he knew every nickel and dime i spent, but anyways, my landlord was the one that had to tell me how much he was making and that our rent was going to go up to $230 a month, and i started to freak, because i didn't have a job either, well then they took away my cash assistance i was getting twice a month to buy the baby like diapers and wipes and formula, all because of him receiving this unemployment, that i had no idea about, so it really made me look like an ass infront of my landlord and the wellfare i set myself some goals to try to and get a job, and patrick did as well, he ended up finally getting a job at a factory that is only about 15mins from home, and he is working 2nd shift, from 4pm to 2:30am..and lets just say i knew that as soon as he started working, he wasnt going to wana help me at ALL with peyton...but then i ended up getting a job offer also at a company that scans medical records for insurance purposes, well i was able to make it to my training all last week using his moms old vehichle, well it ended up breaking down on me in the middle of the intersection in state college, i was so embarrassed, and then i called my work to tell them i was right outside at the intersection and that the car had broken down, well they said it was considered a tardy..they werent sympathetic at the next day i had a hard time finding a ride to work, but i was able to find one, i was just a little late, and i even called to let them know, well they weren't very nice about the next day after, i got extra early in the morning to get ready for work, and made sure peyton was fed and had clean bottles until her dad would take her to his moms house..well he wouldn't get out of bed to sit with her so i could leave!! i kept going back in the room and telling him i had to leave for work, and he would just toss over, so i ended up not being able to make it to my job that day, all because he wouldn't get the hell up to sit with his daughter!!  so lets just say im guessing i lost my job, the company hasnt even bothered to contact me or anything..but im trying like hell to save up some money for me and peyton, and try to get my OWN vehichle because i don't trust his family, i know his mother will take her car away from my use anytime she would want, so i got on a website called, and you create a profile and tell the world your story, and then you get votes, and if you get up to so many votes, you are eligible for car assistance, insurance, and even maybe a car, so if you could please go and vote for me and peyton on that site, my name is firsttimemom1 on there, we would appreciate it forever!! we need our own car!! Please keep us in our prayers, and if anyone hears of any job openings, especially medical jobs in the altoona/state college area, please let me know..thank you so much and god bless you all <3

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